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Africa Digital Skills Conference

Unlocking Africa’s Digital Potential: A Conference for Innovation and Growth

Do you know that Africa is on the verge of a digital revolution that has the potential to transform its economy and society? According to the IFC review, the internet economy in Africa could amount to US$180 billion by 2025, accounting for 5.2% of the continent’s GDP. This potential, however, can only be realized if entrepreneurs, institutions, development organizations, and governments on the African continent embrace and promote digital transformation, which demands investments in digital skills, infrastructure, innovation, and regulation.

As a result, the Africa Digital Skills Conference is a topical event with the goal of providing institutions, government agencies, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and the young in general across Africa with an opportunity to teach and learn digital skills. The conference will be held from November 7th to 11th and is organized by Mobile Web Ghana and its partners. The conference will include sessions, keynote presentations, displays, and networking sessions on a variety of digital skills development subjects, including:

  • How to use digital tools and platforms to develop, advertise, and deliver products and services
  • How to apply digital skills to address social and environmental issues
  • How to gain access to digital opportunities and markets in Africa and beyond, and so on
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The conference will also highlight some of Africa’s digital transformation success stories and best practices, such as:

  • How digitalization is enabling African recovery by increasing production, efficiency, transparency, and resilience in sectors such as technology, agriculture, health, education, and finance

Register now. You can also follow the conference on social media using the hashtag #ADSC2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the digital revolution in Africa and learn how to unlock your digital potential. Register now and be a driving force in unlocking Africa’s digital potential.